A friend of mine is a great one for starting things, but she seldom carries through to the end. We have joined many clubs together, but she always drops out after a few weeks. Last month, she called to let me know she needed to lose weight and wanted company to join an exercise club. I was going to say no, but I realized I could stand to get rid of a bit of weight. I agreed even though I knew she would stop going in less than a month.

True to form, my friend began making excuses the second week after we joined. I told her that we had paid for a full year’s membership, and I was going to keep going. My attitude seemed to aggravate her, but I didn’t plan to waste my membership fee. I was feeling better already, and I realized I could change to more convenient hours if she wasn’t with me.

I was shy about swimming in the pool at first, but I quickly got over it. A man on the treadmill next to me one day began talking about swimming laps. He was much larger than I was, and he said he was just looking for someone brave enough to go with him. Not normally one to dally with a stranger, I decided to take a chance. We set a firm date to meet at the pool the next morning, and we’ve been doing laps together ever since.

One of the nicest things about swimming with a stranger is the lack of peer pressure. This man simply wanted someone who would be there with him, and he hasn’t asked for any other time with me. We just finished our first month of swimming today, and we are pleased with our progress. I hope he keeps showing up for a swim in the pool every morning for the rest of the year.